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Five Things You Need to Know If You Write High Value Homes

The high net-worth or affluent consumer market is relatively small. If we define high value homes as valued in excess of $1 million, that will include at least 1.2 million US households. Nearly half of these households are in catastrophe prone areas of the country, typically in coastal areas. According to a recent article in Insurance Journal, it is estimated that 40% of high value homes are underinsured. Often homeowners will only carry enough insurance to cover their mortgage or the sale price...

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SeaCoast Staff 7/18/2016

Inland Marine Insurance – What is it and why do I need it?

As a business owner, it is possible that you have never heard of Inland Marine insurance or perhaps you have dismissed it because of the name of the coverage. You may think, my business is landlocked and doesn’t own any boats so why do I need this type of insurance? Well, think again… Inland Marine insurance was first created to cover the transport of goods over water but the coverages have been expanded to cover goods in transit over land, as well as to the property of others that a...

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SeaCoast Staff 4/5/2016

Five Things You Need to Know About Our New Commercial Primary Flood Program

SeaCoast Underwriters recently announced an exciting new Commercial Primary Flood Program offering higher limits, new coverages and fewer restrictions than traditional programs. Check out these details and contact your Underwriter to get started. Higher Limits than NFIP – We offer up to $5 Million per building/location. Basic NFIP is $500,000 per building/location. We offer up to $1 Million in Contents Coverage, NFIP is $500,000. Our Rates Are Not Subject to NFIP Assessments and Fees ̵...

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SeaCoast Staff 1/25/2016

Making a Case for Cyber Coverage

Is your business prepared for a data breach? It’s become a common news headline announcing another high-profile, highly sensitive and costly data breach affecting all areas of our business and personal lives. From big box retailers, to the IRS and other government agencies to banks and dating websites, there are hackers who want our professional and personal data. Data breaches are emerging as a common threat to businesses, making it more important than ever for companies to take proactive...

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Seacoast Staff 9/21/2015

Attention Business Owners - You Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage!

If you own a hotel, motel, office or apartment building, restaurant, school, machine shop, manufacturing business, service station or many other types of businesses, you should consider Equipment Breakdown coverage for your business. When equipment is working, it is often taken for granted. When something breaks down, your business can quickly grind to a stop. Listed below are Five Reasons You Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage: 1. Equipment is exposed to unique risks that other property is not, ...

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Seacoast Staff 7/22/2015