SeaCoast has partnered with ePayPolicy to offer you a quicker and easier payment solution!

Click the Pay Now button to access our payment portal. To locate your Agent ID and location ZIP code, please refer to the top of the invoice sent to your agency.
For instructions on using our payment portal, please view our ePayPolicy User Guide.

Effective 01/05/2022, SeaCoast Underwriters, Inc., has a new payment remittance address. All payments (including USPS Express envelopes) should be sent to the following lockbox:
Risk Placement Services - SeaCoast
P.O. Box 23171
New York, NY 10087-3171
This lockbox is for payments and related correspondence only.
UPS and FedEx overnight delivery packages should be sent to:
JPMorgan Chase - Lockbox Processing
Attn: Risk Placement Services, Inc - 23171
4 Chase Metrotech Center
7th Floor East
Brooklyn, NY 11245 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our accounting department.  

Accounting Contact information

Agents Accounts Receivable:

Carrier Accounts Payable:


Accounting Manager:

Sonia Moncayo
Toll Free: (888) 774-9977 Ext. 1060
Direct Line: (305) 661-1060